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Secondhand med hjertet🤎

Velkommen til Little Reshop - en secondhand online butik med base i Danmark. Her finder du et lille skatkammer af nøje udvalgt genbrug & hjemmestrik. Alt er i god stand og fra kvalitetsmærker samt i kvalitetsgarn.
Jeg glæder mig til at betjene dig!
Kærlig hilsen Anne Mette

Kids of April

Soft oversized knits in earthy colours
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secondhand & slowfashion



We offer the finest secondhand knitwear for baby, kids & women. Handknitted slowfashion when it's best!
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Secondhand at it's finest! On you'll discover a treasure box - full of unique styles, beautiful handmade knitwear and also new styles which will match you- and your kids wardrobe perfectly.
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We're an exclusive retailer of the popular Mile tights with braces from the Slovakian brand Mile Kids Clothing. They have a great fit and run large in size - grab your pair today!
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Fra instagram profilen @camillamio finder du det skønneste mix af vintage, femininitet & et funky look.

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Leonora Grigat

Leonora Grigat is a mom of two kids and looking at her instagram feed will make you feel in touch with Nordic nature and calm settings. Shop her secondhand right here
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Sofie Hammer

Sofie Hammer is a mother of three kids and living on the Danish island Bornholm. She has a great sense for styling and always dress her kids and herself in matching colourful clothes. Shop her secondhand right here
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Majken Thrane

Poetic & nostalgic style for women and boys
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Maja Sode

Maja Sode is a mom of two kids and a really talented DIY-woman! Her instagram feed is nordic and simple with a flair for the details. Shop her secondhand right here
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Natasja Brandt

Natasja Brandt is a mom of two girls and her instagram feed is like a walk through Nordic light and Nature! If you love natural tones and soft atmospheres - you'll love her styles. Shop her secondhand right here
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the white vintage collection

Crispy white cotton from the 19th century
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Welcome to little reshop

Handpicked secondhand for you and your babies. Little Reshop is a secondhand shop where you'll find beautiful, unique clothes, knitwear, shoes, decor and accessories. All styles are handpicked to match our Nordic and calm selection and our main concept is to chose Secondhand first.