Product condition

Little Reshop is a webshop, which mainly sell used baby clothes and accessories.
However, there is always differences in the condition of the clothes. This is a guide to its condition, which is referred to in all descriptions. Further assignments to the condition will be written on the individual product page.

Detergent & livestock?

I do not guarantee as to whether or not the goods on little reshop are washed in neutral detergent or not. Nor whether it may have been in contact with livestock. But I strive very much to be critical of the products I buy and sell on. I will never resell clothing that smells or looks out of smoke or pets.

If you have any questions to the condition or sizes, please send me an email:

Never used

The item is 100% as new, often still with tags.

Almost as new

The product is washed max 1-2 times, and without further ado, tear and wear.

Good but used

The product is used, washed, and otherwise in nice condition. If there can be signs of usage, a stain or a hole, it will be stated in the product description.