Terms and conditions

Little Reshop

Fjordsgade 28
Dk-8700 Horsens
TEL: +4523719096
VAT NR: 38922882

"First come, first served"

Since many goods on the littlereshop.com are recycled, there are mostly only 1 of each item. Goods cannot be reserved and your goods will not be stored in the basket.


All prices on littlereshop.com are fixed and are not negotiable. Prices vary according to the product's new price, brand, condition. There is no vat on used goods, since this is already paid by the products first sale. Vat is paid on all new items, this is shown at checkout and on order confirmation and the invoice.

We take reservations for errors and price reductions on the webshop. Vouchers are personal and can only be used if you have received it/them sent per. mail, mail, or can refer to them in the form of documentation, link, screenprint el. etc.

Personal data

Stored or transmitted personal data to a third party. All personal information such as name, address, phone number and email to be used in connection with the delivery and not the other. Your information will only be stored in the webshop and can be deleted as quickly as you might wish it. Send an email or contact me via the following.


Little Reshop receive online payments with Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Mobilepay Online, JBC, American Express, Paypal.

The payment will be withdrawn from your account, when the physical product is shipped or the virtual product is created unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

All amounts on the website are inclusive of vat.
The website uses the following currencies for pricing:
Denmark Kroner (DKK)

Little Reshop uses a secure payment server, which encrypts all information with SSL protocol which means your data is secure and not readable by other outsiders.


The delivery time for your order is 1-3 business days.

Little Reshop send of the goods with the following: Pick-up, GLS - Pakkeshop, PostNord - Private, PostNord - Optional udleveringssted, DAO - Pakkeshop

The freight is calculated by weight.

You will be able to choose in between to get the package sent "without delivery" or "with distribution".

There are automatically sent to the message from the GLS and the DaO, once the package is filed and on the road. You will always receive a track and trace no. so you can follow your package from our warehouse and home to you.

Send an email or sms, if you want delivery to a particular pakkeshop, which is not found in the list, or if you want to pick up your order at our address in Horsens, denmark C.

Is there a want in relation to choice of pakkeshop, please contact me as soon as possible by sending an email to littlereshop@gmail.com or sms to 23719096.

The right of withdrawal

On Littlereshop.com apply the same reklamationsrettighed, as by a new outfit. All renewable resources on the littlereshop.com is carefully inspected and assessed in relation to the condition and this condition is described in each item.

The product condition is categorized according to one of the following statements:

1. Never used
2. Almost as new
3. Good but used

Read more on the above during the Product's condition. See also the section on "Detergents & livestock"

Should you be dissatisfied with the description of the product condition, and do not believe it lives up to what you are experiencing, please contact me on email or phone and I will help you as far as possible.

Given a 14 day full return policy on items purchased on the website unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

The 14 day period starts on the day on which the order is shipped.

Any returneringsomkostninger hold you even.

The desire of the withdrawal must be notified to us within 14 after delivery and be us at the latest 14 days after we are informed about your use of the right of withdrawal.

Desire the use of the right of withdrawal must be sent in the mail littlereshop@gmail.com. In the message must be made clearly aware of your desire for the use of the right of withdrawal.

Goods condition at return

You are responsible for the deterioration of the product value, resulting from the handling other than what is necessary in order to determine the product's nature, properties and function. This means that you should try the item in the same way as if you were trading in a physical store.

If the product is tested beyond what is described above, it is regarded as the used and degraded value. This means that by the undoing of the acquisition is a small part or none of the purchase amount back. It is up to the Little Reshop to assess the product's condition.


Given a 2 year warranty on the products according to the Danish sale of goods. The warranty applies to all defects in software, material and fabrication.

Complaints concerning. defects must be notified to the Little Reshop within a reasonable time after receipt of the goods. Here is considered the max. two months as a reasonable time, unless otherwise agreed. We reimburse reasonable freight costs - however, only in the complaints.

The complaint waives by incorrect or unusual operation of the product.

Little Reshop covers returneringsomkostningerne to a reasonable extent, but only to complaints.

When returning, contact the company:

Little Reshop
Fjordsgade 28
Dk-8700 Horsens
TEL: +4523719096
Mail: Littlereshop@gmail.com

Complaints received not if these are sent on cash on delivery.

Contact info

Little Reshop
CVR. NO 38922882

v/Anne Mette Christensen
Fjordsgade 28
Dk-8700 Horsens

Telephone: 23 71 90 96

Mail: littlereshop@gmail.com

Instagram: @littlereshop

Facebook: littlereshop

Messenger: littlereshop

Customer & Privacy Policy

We resell personal information and will not disclose your personal information to others, they are only registered in our customer database. You can at any time delete your information.

For that you can enter into an agreement with the Little Reshop, we need the following information:
. Name
. Address
. Phone number
. E-mail address

We record your personal information in order to be able to deliver the goods to you.

Personal information registered with Little Reshop and stored for up to five years, after which the information will be deleted.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when submitting your express consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

The director and the staff of Little Reshop have access to the information recorded about you.

The data controller in Little Reshop is: Anne Mette Christensen

We store and do not transmit customer information encrypted.

As registered with Little Reshop you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to inspect what information is registered about you. You have these rights for personal data act and request in connection therewith be directed to littlereshop@gmail.com.

On https://www.littlereshop.com cookies are used to optimize the website and its functionality, thus making your visit as easy as possible for you.

You can at any time delete cookies from your computer, see the instructions on the web store Cookies and Privacy policy.

Consumer protection

Read more about your protection as a consumer when you are buying via a PensoPay payment solution:


Complaints about products may be sent to:

Danish competition and Consumer authority
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

For EU citizens outside the EU, complaints should be sent via the EU Commission's online klageplatform.

At the complaint, our email address is indicated: littlereshop@gmail.com as well as the website you have purchased the item on.